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urgent help needed

as you may or may not know my webstore launch is on monday. i've been hoarding patterns, ideas, papers with sketches on, and today i did a HUGE fabric haul in town. i got home, sat myself down at my sewing machine for a whole weekend of sewing in time for the launch & instead it's been basically playing up all day long.

firstly it wasn't taking the thinner fabric, so i did the whole change needle, change tension, eventually got it to work. went back to thicker fabric & did the same again. in the middle of all this a needle broke. but generally, i was getting somewhere at least. though whilst making a bag, which would normally take an hour, has taken all day. i've unpicked so many stitches it's insane.

my newest problem is that the machine wont sew in perfect straight lines. it didn't matter so much until now, as the stitches are unseen, but now i'm towards the end & need the detail.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

it's driving me crazy. at one point this evening i was actually in tears. it just won't sew in a straight line! i've never had any problems with this machine (janome new home, harmony 4035) and it's just under 2 years old! i've took off the plate and cleaned inside, and played with tension, changed to different needles, checked the feed, everything i can think of, or find online help for. i don't know what else to do.

any help/tips/advice would be appreciated. i really need to try to fix this for tomorrow so i can actually have a chance at having some stock for my launch! ♥

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