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Craft/fabric glue set (cross posted)

Does anyone want to buy a great glue set i bought off Create and Craft tv channel? It's called Touch N Bond and can be used for craft work as well as sticking a whole range of fabrics, i bought it to use for doing some customisation of clothes and have just found it whilst having a tidy up but on reading the instructions i find it's made from latex which means i can't risk using it as i'm latex allergic. Unfortunately it's now just past the 30 day money back returns period so i'm trying to sell it on if i can. I paid £13 for it plus postage but would be happy to take £13 all inclusive or make me an offer.

The discription on the create & craft website says this about it an what the pack contains:

Touch N Bond 2 Bottle Kit & Applicator

Stick together through thick and thin!

The ultimate adhesive for bonding, covering and fastening, the Touch N Bond 2 kit will meet all your craft needs. Its strength enables it to bond a wide variety of materials including wood, plastic and even leather!

A must-have for any craft kit.

237ml Bottle of Touch N Bond
57ml Bottle of Touch N Bond

* New Formula
* Bonds Fast
* Permanent and Wash Proof
* Non Toxic and Acid Free
* Easy to Use and Clean Up
* UV-Resistant and Waterproof
* Bonds Stay Flexible
* Great Value

To read more about the uses for it please go to
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